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About Us...
Celebrating our 8th year doing business online, over the years, Castor-Pollux Publications has never lost sight of its goal of presenting our clients with the finest information available in the subject areas we cover.

Ever expanding, the current Castor-Pollux Publications product line includes the finest lottery information available in the form of an electronic, online monthly magazine published internationally, as well as a plethora of published books, research reports, manuals and software devoted to giving the "thinking" lottery player a significant edge over his parimutuel peers.

Castor-Pollux Publications, through it's publication Lottery$ecret$ Magazine is proud to sponsor an online chat room right here on our website and Lottery$ecret$ eGroup. All of these efforts to allow player-to-player discussion are fully moderated for the members enjoyment and protection.

Bookmark our site and check back often, or leave your name on our mailing list to be notified of coming expansions and updates as we begin publishing in the small business, home office, home business arena. There will be many informative and interesting additions to this site over the coming months. Be sure you can return at your convenience.

Based in Southwest Florida's beautiful "Lee Island Coast" we daily enjoy the semi-tropical climate, beautiful beaches and look forward each year to the spring and fall months bringing us the most wonderous days of the year.

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