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Announcing the release of Castor-Pollux Publications Newest Ebook...."Surviving America's New War!"  Click The Bookcover Above To Read All About This New Ebook Written To Help You & Your Loved Ones Survive The Coming Terrorist Attacks!

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Special Message
To All Those Who Hate America & American's

I'm an American

I care not what the color of your skin
For you didn't ask to be born as you are anymore than did I

I am unconcerned as to which Diety you believe in or if you believe in any at all
For this is your uninalienable right!

I don't know if those of you who committed the cowardly atrocities of 09/11/2001
did so because you believe it will hasten your presence into your Paradise
But as an American I will glady offer my small place in Heaven to send you all to Hell!

I am an American and I will NOT run and hide from your cowardly blows and violence
I am an American and I'm as Free today as I was yesterday!

I will NEVER be defeated by you as a Great Nation for I AM Amerca!
And should you defeat this American personally, the American standing at my side will continue to fight for freedom, as will I should the American next to me fall.

I'm an American, you'll know me by the firmness of my hand, the look in my eye, the truth in my words...and the red, white, and blue of my flag.

In the days, months and years to come you'll know me
and you'll learn these colors NEVER RUN!

A. L. De Armond

Castor-Pollux Publications wishes to express our sincerest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims of this week's American tragedy. We also want to send our heart felt "Thanks" to the Heroes doing the job that must be done on all fronts. Having been, a long time ago, both a paramedic and firefighter..."Thank You!"

May God Bless each of us and May God Bless America!

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NEW "The Power Ball" Jackpot is $32 Million! As Game Rollsover For Saturday's Draw!
The Big Game Jackpot Grows to $15 Million!
You Asked...We Responded!
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Powerball  continues to rollover and we're pleased to tell you our NEW "Power Play" Powerball Play Recommendations are online and waiting for you to use! Just click on this "Power Play" link to go directly to this new page for Powerball Recommendations!
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Special "Free Player's Tips" Produce For Florida's New 5/36 Game!
We've just published new information to help Florida's lottery players have a better chance of cashing winning tickets in the new Fantasy 5/36...and last night this new playing tip produced ALL "5" Winners in a wheel of only 15 numbers with only  8 lines of past performance data to analyze. You can read all about it on our FREE Player's Tips page.

Florida Make 5/26 Into Fantasy 5/36 "Rolldown!"
Florida lottery players are finally getting a better bang for their buck as the Florida Lottery Commission moves to update the popular 5/26 game. The new Fantasy 5/36 offers a "six figure" jackpot prize estimated to be an average $100,000.00. Anytime there's no jackpot winner the money in the jackpot pool will "Rolldown" to players holding 4 of 5 winning number tickets.
Florida lottery officials seem "confused" over what the 4 of 5 will actually pay. In one press release they stated 4 of 5 tickets would "average" $107, yet in a published brochure on the game the prize is listed as a fixed $100.00 payout?  Moreover, while their press release stated they expect an average of 320  4 of 5 winners per draw, the rolldown payout is listed as an "average of $771.00."  Simple math (divide $100,000 average jackpot  by  320 ticket holders) says it will amount to only $312 and change! This is still a major improvement over the previous 5/26 game's 4 0f 5 payout average of only $30!
Even the players matching 3 of 5 winners will get the best of the new game's payment structure as the payout is now a fixed $10 for 3 of 5 wins and 2 of 5 winning tickets will get a free play in the next drawing. The new 5/36 game began on July 16th and was on target with a "final digit" repeat when both .07 and .17 appeared in the draw.
New Winning Secrets Ebook Series Coming!
You'll soon be seeing many new features on our website, not the least of which is the introduction of our new Winning Secrets Ebooks. Both our current research reports and a truly inspirational new ebook  "How To Find 'Winning Patterns' In Your Lotto Game" will be available for online purchase and immediate downloading upon order verification. If you haven't checked out our Winning $ecret$ page in a while do so now and get a sneak preview of this fantastic new book's cover. Just click on Winning $ecret$
New FREE  Powerball Play Picks Are Winners!
The second issue of our new Free "Big Game Digest - Powerball Times" went out last week and gave subscribers a real edge in their game play.
First, those Big Game players had 3 of 5 white balls in both last week's games, but the Powerball players really scored with 4 of 5 white balls plus the Powerball in last Wednesday's drawing and ALL 5 of 5 white balls in the rollover drawing this past Saturday. Powerball's jackpot for the Wednesday night drawing is estimated at $38,000,000 (over $20  million cash option) and the Big Game drawing for Tuesday night is estimated to have a jackpot worth $9 million dollars.
Each issue of the "Big Game Digest - Powerball Times" newsletter carries play recommendations for upcoming drawings and is published every Monday. Available by FREE subscription only. Get your own email subscription "Free" by clicking on any of the links to our newsletter displayed on this website!
NEW! Free Ebook For Lottery Players!  
We're pleased to announce our Holiday Gift to lottery players everywhere---a FREE Ebook you can download and share with your friends!
Titled "Your Free Guide To WINNING Lottery Play Using Lottery$ecret$ Statistics Pages" this new 5 minute download not only gives you insight into our "Digital Frequency Analysis" system, but also our now famous "Color-Coded" statistics page customized for the individual reader each month. All serious lottery players will want a copy of this Free Ebook--even if they aren't Lottery$ecret$ subscribers as it contains a wealth of solid analysis and number selection information designed to help you cash more winning tickets.
All we ask is that you let us know when you win using the free information this new book provides. The book comes to you as a "self-running" .exe file with its own built in viewer. Downloading it should take about 3-4 minutes with a 56k modem. Download it as our gift to you and make a friend happy by giving them a link to our download site so we can give them a copy too! Just click on the book image above or the link below to go to our download page. (Sorry This New Area Under Construction!)

Flurries of Lottery Change
Major changes, as well as the possibility for new lotteries are coming like a winter snow front. The "Peach State," Georgia has just moved it's 5/35 game to e newly formatted 5/39 adding longer odds to those facing players there.
South Carolina voters have voted for a new lottery for their state, but it could be a longtime coming through the SC Legislature made up of mostly Bible belt republicans who aren't in favor of the lottery or the state's new democratic govenor!
The worst lottery change in the nation currently is the laughable decision by the Missouri Lottery Commission to change their 5/35 to a 5/44 game. While this will follow Michigan's lead as a "Rolldown" game where, if the jackpot isn't won it's distributed among the lower prize tiers, the millions longer odds and a "fixed jackpot" of less than $100,000 make the game laughable!
You'll find full details in this month's Lottery$ecret$ magazine. You are subscribed for this month....aren't you?
Prices Slashed On Lotto Books!
Susan Levine is now offering her complete line of books on the daily games, Plus her newest big book "Cash In With Winning Lottery Strategies" at rock bottom, bare-bones prices! Click the link below to check out these special lottery book values! Cash In Book Sale
Several State Lotteries Making Major Format Changes
California, Ohio, Texas and Viriginia are among the states making changes their state lottery games that will leave players scrambling trying to find new ways to fight higher odds and, for the most part, smaller and/or more difficult to win lowered tiered prizes.
Obviously, "old game data" can't be used to handicap these new games. Since lottery players must use past results to attempt predicting the future winning numbers, it will be several weeks at a minimum before there is enough data available to utilize high level lottery software packages to any effect in predicting winning numbers.
We have a "tip" for these players and a strategy they can utilize while waiting for data to build for these new game formats located on our "Free Player's Tips" page. You can check this out by clicking on the link (red text) here or on the link on the menu bar at top of page.

LottoMatrix 3 Latest Recipient of "Player Approved" Award For Excellence in Software
Dave Nosker, CEO of Afterwave Technology, and developer of LottoMatrix 3 software for the pick 3 daily games exclusively, was recently awarded the Lottery$ecret$ "Player Approved Seal of Approval" for excellence in software. The award came about after a month long testing of LottoMatrix 3 against both the Florida Cash 3 game, as well as  the mid-day and evening pick 3 games in Viriginia. In the Florida tests the software accurately predicted 18 of 30 daily trials and scored highly in the Virginia play tests as well. The May issue of Lottery$ecret$ magazine carried a full review of the software and you can download a demo version to test for yourself at the AfterWave Technology website located at:

New L$ 'Back Issue' CD Available in June!
Lottery$ecret$ magazine celebrated its First Anniversary with publication of their May, 2000 issue and a compilation of all 12 of these strategy filled monthly electronic magazines is being produced on a new "Back Issue" CD ROM to be released during June. This new CD, offering a complete collection of articles and systems published over the past 12 months will also be released to software distributors and major bookstores across the U.S. and publisher Castor-Pollux Publications is seeking distribution and/or sale of "Foreign Rights" in several overseas countries.
"Cash IN! " Newest Edition Available From Author
Susan S. Levine
Lottery$ecret$ Senior Associate Editor, Susan S. Levine has just completed her newest "Cash IN! " book edition for the daily pick 3, pick 4 games. An advance mail order edition of the book is available prior to general bookstore release of the volume later this year. Levine's previous "Cash IN!" series have been top sellers and her newest offering gives players even more than her previous pick 3/4 books with the same title. This latest edition features "copyable" charts for ease of tracking daily games and her proprietary system, as well as a comb-spiral binding for ease of reading and working with the complete set of daily game charts. You can email for further information to:  The new book is priced at a reasonable $29.95.
Lottery$ecret$ Magazine Now Available to Distributors and Libraries With ISSN Registery
Lottery$ecret$ magazine has a new addition to its masthead and front cover in the form of an internationally recognized numbering system for periodicals known as the "International Standard Serialization Number" or "ISSN."
Internationally, ISSN designators are used by periodicals to make them easily available to distributors and libraries. The ISSN issuing authority is based in Paris, France and ISSN numbers for periodicals published in the U.S. are handled by a special division of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
Lottery$ecret$ new ISSN number is ISSN 1529-1081 and will be proudly displayed on both our front cover and masthead beginning with our April issue due for publication the last week of March. More than 60 nations participate in the ISSN registration process.
Awarded to the new MI 5/33 Rolldown Game!
Michigan's New "Rolldown" 5/33 Game Is A Vast Improvement!
The great state of Michigan recently made lottery history with a "Rolldown" prize payment concept that's sure to find favor among lottery players there and make other state's 5 ball lottery players envious of the new payment scheme.
Unlike other states (including Florida) who have consistently "added" lottery balls to their games to make for higher and more impossible playing odds for players, Michigan "reduced" their 5/39 game down to a more reasonable 5/33, but that's not the big news! The big news is the state's move to see to it that "All" the money for every drawing is distributed to players--even when "no one" wins the jackpot!
February 29th saw Michigan lottery officials payout more than 119,669 prizes to players, but there was "no" player holding a winning 5 number jackpot ticket. So, the lottery "rolled down" the money in the jackpot portion of the prize pool to the lowered tiered match  4 of 5 ticket holders! That means "more money" for each of those players! In this first "rolldown" payout, match 4 of 5 winning tickets were worth a respectable $439 each, match 3 of 5 tickets were solid at $10 each and 33,590 players who could only match two winning numbers received a dollar a piece for their winning tickets.
According to Michigan's Lottery Commissioner, Don Gilmer, "Ticket sales were so much higher than we had originally anticipated, the number of cash winners soared too."  The Michigan "Rolldown" drawings are held six days a week Monday through Saturday at 7:28 p.m. and tickets cost $1 each.
Lottery$ecret$ applaudes this "intelligent" move by the Michigan Lottery Commission and is sending them a "Player Approved Lottery$ecret$ Seal of Approval" they may wish to display on their website.
Moreover, perhaps now other lottery commissions will get the message--it's NOT mega million dollar jackpots that drive ticket sales, but rather the opportunity for players in the lowered prize tiers to feel they have a chance to win a "substantial prize!" These players are, afterall, there supporting the game day in and day out. It's high time players got a break and Michigan has certainly given them a great chance to win more than ever before!
A New "Player Approved Seal of Approval" Introduced!
Castor-Pollux Publications is pleased to announce the release of the new Lottery$ecret$, "Player Approved Seal of Approval" to be awarded to outstanding "player values" in the lottery field. The new seal will represent a mark of confidence previously unavailable to players or lottery products vendors with products of merit.
The new Seal has already been approved for release to a Top 10 list of lottery games reviewed in the February issue of Lottery$ecret$ magazine and copies are being sent to the various states with games determined by the magazine's editorial staff to represent unusually good playing value for players.
Lottery Product producers should write for information on having their products reviewed for possible award of the new seal to be used on their products and/or websites. Product producers and vendors should emailto: for complete application information.
California DFA Client Scores Second 4 of 5 Win In Fantasy       5/39 Game
San Diego County--There's little doubt in the mind of one Digital Frequency Analysis (DFA) software client in this small north county community that the software system he purchased from Castor-Pollux Publications works! The man has just used DFA number selections to twice cash winning second place tickets in California's Fantasy 5/39 game. The wins came only 44 days apart!
John Reika used numbers provided by Digital Frequency Analysis (DFA) software on October 24th and the next morning cashed in a winning ticket worth $322. (See original notice on this win further down the page) The software had selected Sunday's as the best day of the week to play the game. A few weeks later, the software noted the game was changing dynamically and offered Tuesday's as the best play day selection.
Reika, on Tuesday, December 7th, has scored another second place win using his DFA number selections and today (12/08) will cash his tickets (one 4/5 winner and two 3/5's plus two FREE tickets) totalling $545.  The winning play came the third time Reika played the DFA wheeled number selections.
Digital Frequency Analysis (DFA) software provides players of 5 ball lotteries winning number selections, tells them which day is the "best day" statistically to play their game and allows players to check the validity of their selections by assigning a "win ratio" percentage to the numbers picked. A complete wheeling system, designed by a mathematician as the world's smallest, fully guaranteed prize guarantee, wheels is sold separately by Castor-Pollux Publications.
Copies of Reika's two second place winning tickets are on file here in the form of scanned jpeg files available upon request. More information on DFA software can be found off a link on our "Products & Services" pages.
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