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Available only online, Lottery$ecret$ magazine is the first ever 100% electronically produced lottery 'magazine' without a printed companion product. Each monthly issue has the 'look' and 'feel' of a high quality, four color print process magazine, yet every tree in the forest remains standing tall and safe. But, there's far more to L$ than being a history making, environmentally friendly, winning lottery publication! There are our readers.

The folks who subscribe to and read each monthly issue of Lottery$ecret$ are like a big 'family.' They are some of the most positive, caring individuals in today's world and they share a common dream...a dream of winning! Because we research and play test the playing strategies we publish, because we too play the 'game' L$ is written and produced from a 'players' point of view.  It's very gratifying to get an email or a phone call or fax from a new reader informing us they've cashed another winning ticket because of something we published.

Lottery$ecret$ isn't like any lottery magazine you may have ever experienced before. Here's why:

    Each issue provides you with "Color Coded" statistics...for 'your'      game only! Why waste time reading through pages of numbers you      don't need, won't ever use and only get in your way?
    Our method of presenting statistics to you is truly unique in the      lottery industry and among lottery publications. Each 5 or 6 ball      game's results data is  broken down into "play days" with results      presented only for those days...making spotting trends and patterns      much easier!
    We cover all lottery games across the nation including The Big      Game,  Powerball and Keno, as well as "most" international games      (we currently have subscribers from Canada, the UK to Australia,      New Zealand and Hong Kong)...
    Monthly Columns give you plenty of information to use for winning      plays in your game.
    Our monthly feature articles are applicable to lottery play around the      world! We specialize in presenting you with information and winning      systems that are fully researched and play tested BEFORE being      published!

We've made delivery of Lottery$ecret$ easy too! It's a self-running .exe file that comes with its own small viewer as a complete package. Subsequent monthly issues are even smaller and come to you without the viewer to save valuable hard drive space.

You can subscribe to Lottery$ecret$ magazine today at a Special Price too! Order right now and you'll pay only $29.95...saving you $10 off our regular $39.95 subscription price...but this offer is limited and may be withdrawn at anytime!

So, don't you miss out on America's Premiere Lottery Magazine For Lotteries Worldwide! Order your subscription today!

Just click on the August '99 cover on the left of this page and you'll be transported to our secure electronic check information form. Once there, all you need do is cut n' paste this form into your email program, fill in the information from the front of your check and email it to us. No valuable credit card information loose on the web...and no one sees your check information but you...and us!

We'll send you  a "check validation and order confirmation" form at the time we ship your first issue too.

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