Digital Frequency Analysis Software
There's No Finer Program For 5 Ball Lottery Play Than DFA!

Now, with our "Digital Frequency Analysis" software, you can finally experience the real power of your computer as a lottery tool.  DFA software offers you unique features not found in anyother lottery software available...yet it leaves the important decisions under the control of the player using it.

Imagine, if you will, a lottery software that does ALL the following...and then some:

Allows you the choice of data used to select your winning numbers.
Choose from ALL previous draws, play day draws only or a fully selectable   range of either of those selections. You have complete control!
No More Guessing! DFA  "tells" you which day is the best day to play!
     DFA "tells" you "how much history and what type of data is "best"      for your game and game play. Yet, you have complete control!
Based upon the powerful "Digital Frequency Analysis" concept, DFA software reduces ANY 5 ball game from 5/26 to 5/39 to simply 10 digits!
Check your selections for their "Win Ratio" BEFORE you buy another lottery ticket!
Repeated testing has shown an average of 86.5% of games will have winning number combinations in your wheeled number field.
Properly applied, DFA consistently produces more 4 of 5 than 3 of 5 wins!

Despite all the above
Digital Frequency Analysistm
Does ONLY One Thing
It Selects WINNING Numbers!

What More Do You Want In A Lotto Software?

We fully support our products via email and telephone. When we discover a new method or play strategy using one of our products, our user's are the first to know about it. NEW!  We Are Now Often Available Online To Answer Your Questions via "Fire Talk"....just look for "CPP1"

We've built a good reputation among lottery players for our "test first" concept before actually bringing a new lotto product to market. For us it only makes sense that we won't offer you something we don't use ourselves in our own lottery play.

Why would we? If we can't win with it...how can we expect you to do so? We don't and we won't...we fully "play test" each and every product we market for its ability to produce WINNING results!

You can Order DFA software & Download it today!

We've made it easy, convenient and safe for you to purchase your software right here. Simply click on the PayPal button next to the DFA software Disk  shown below and you'll instantly be transported to PayPal our online payment service.  You will receive an immediate confirmation letter from PayPal when your payment is accepted. Then you can simply "Download" your software "Instantly!" Note: This download also include the complete databases for ALL 5/25 through 5/39 games in the U.S. and Mexico!

Stock No. DFA2dld $89.95


You Can Win Your 5 Ball Lotto Game This Week!
Order your DFA Software Now! And Be Sure To Check
Money Saving Special Package!

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Digital Frequency Analysis Software for any 5 ball lottery from 5/26 thru 5/39 is available for only $89.95 + $5.00 shipping (U.S. orders only, international orders require additional shipping costs and payment by international money order or "PayPal" button. Email us for details) All orders shipped 2-3 Day Priority U.S. Mail  (Please allow up to three weeks for processing mail orders!)


Special Notice: On October 24th 1999...One of our DFA Clients, using a single key number wheel with only 17 combinations hit a 4 of 5 win in the CA 5/39 game paying him $322.00 plus 4 "Free" play tickets....DFA WORKS!!! It's interesting to note...the number that would have provided him with a $200,000 jackpot was on the line above the 4/5 winning combination. He had "ALL" 5 winners in his wheeled combinations!
UPDATE: 11/10/99: DFA Scores again with another 4 of 5 winner...this time in the Florida Fantasy 5/26 game...a 14 ticket wheel produced one 4 of 5 winner and four 3 of 5 winners! ALL 5 winning numbers were in the wheel! We have scans of these 4 of 5 wins on file should anyone have a question about these wins!

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