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We've done your homework for you in these fully researched and play tested manuals. Each offers the serious lottery player an "edge" they might not otherwise enjoy. Each manual is currently available as a printed and bound manual only.
( Electronic editions are planned for the future. Check back often!)

"How Many Lotto Numbers To Play?"
Now there's a Mathematically Correct Answer to this question that's plagued players since the game's inception. Based upon a full year of research covering every five, six ball and bonus number lottery in America today, the results are applicable to lotteries worldwide. The answer is a simple math formula that anyone can easily perform with a calculator and check for themselves.  Presented as a printed, bound, 16 page manual...for Only $9.95 + $1.00 postage and handling in the U.S. (Canadian and other international orders add $4.00 US).

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