DFA Wheeling Software...
World's Smallest "Mathematically Correct"
Wheeling Systems For 5-6 Ball Lotteries

Any knowledgeable lottery player will tell you that "wheeling" more numbers than it takes to win on a single ticket into several ticket combinations is a great way to increase your chance to score a jackpot win!
The problem is there are 'wheels' and there are "Wheels!" There are wheels in the marketplace that, while they guarantee you a given win when you have a given number of winners in your selected numbers, are so full of 'unnecessary' ticket combinations to achieve that win--they literally wind up costing the players more than they are worth! You wind up 'paying' for that type of wheeling program again...and again...and again..everytime you use it it COSTS you money!
Our DFA Wheels were written and programmed by a mathematician. They are indeed "The World's Smallest, Mathematically Correct Wheels!" Each time you use them you are sure you're paying the "least possible amount" to wheel your number selections! They save you so much money over other wheels, they can literally pay you to use them over the long run!
They will work for you as a 'stand alone' wheeling system for 5 or 6 ball lotteries or merge seamlessly with our DFA Digital Frequency Analysis software! You can even save money by purchasing them at a special package price! But let's look at some "features" you need to know about...
Full Coverage wheels for both 5 and 6 ball lotteries up to 54 numbers!
Key ball wheels from 1 to 4 Key numbers for 6 ball lotteries!
Key ball wheels from 1 to 3 Key numbers for 5 ball lotteries!
Complete stand alone wheeling package that works with any number selection software or system you use!
Merges seamlessly with our own DFA software system!
Print your wheeled selections and number selections to printer or disk file!
Up to Six Levels of "Optimization*" for EVERY wheel in the package! (*see below)
More than 500 different wheels to select from!
You can play a one Key Ball wheel using half the 5/26 number field for only $3.00!
Play a one Key Ball wheel for the 6/49 using 25 numbers in your wheel for as little as $8.00!
Pays for itself each time you use it!
Mathematically 'proven' wheel guarantee's you can test for yourself!
Pause for just a moment and think about the last time you wheeled your number selections...did you have tickets that looked like.....
In the Features sections above we mentioned
"Up to six levels of *Optimization."
Our optimization process is a "one key click" step that alieviates tickets with combinations that have little chance to win and replaces them with "optimized" combinations that have a better chance to win in "your" game!
You have complete control over whether you "optimize" your ticket selections or not, and how many levels of optimization you care to use!
You can even "optimize"....look at the selections and then reverse the process with a single key click should you decide that optimization isn't right for you!
IF you are serious about winning a jackpot then you owe it to yourself to have the finest wheeling system available today at any price! A wheeling system that saves you money each time you use it! All for only $199.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling (Canadian orders add $25, International orders write for shipping costs. All prices in U.S. Dollars and subject to change without notice)
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