Check Acceptance Form...
To order any of the Castor-Pollux Products on this website simply copy the form below to your email and fill in the form for complete privacy and mail to: If you prefer we can accept your check and order via fax (941) 694-0684 or during business hours EST (Mon/Fri 10 to 6 pm) by phone (941) 694-4428. You will receive an order and check verification notice for your records at the time your check is processed. You may also use this form for orders sent by regular post, but if not paying by check, don't forget to include your money order in the envelope.

Please Print

Name(s) as appears on front of check:                                                           

City:                                                               State/ZIP:                                         

Home Phone: (             )            -                  Work:                                              

Check Number                  9 Digit Account Number                                        

10 Digit Routing Number:                                                                                    

Your Current "Valid" Email Address:                                                                
Near the dollar amount on your check you will find a series of numbers that look like a "fraction, please write the "top" numbers ONLY in the space below.

Upper Fraction Number:                   

Name of Bank On Check:                                                                                    

Branch Name:                                              Phone:(       )                                   


City:                                                               State/ZIP                                            

Check Amount Total:  $                   

Qty:             Description of Item                         Cost                       Amt. Total

Total Shipping Charges (if any)   $              + order =Total Due:$                  

Thank you for your confidence and trust in Castor-Pollux Publications and our products. We appreciate your patronage and order.