Frequently Asked Questions!
We try to cover as many salient points and answers to common questions in this section as possible...but we can't anticipate them all. So, if you don't find an answer to your question here, please, just contact us and let us know so we may help you or direct you to someone who can.

Question: "I don't have a computer, but I do have WebTv, can I order your Lottery$ecret$ magazine?"
Answer: No, at this time Lottery$ecret$ magazine is strictly an "online" electronic publication. The system we use requires you be using a computer running either Windows 3.1 or higher or a MacIntosh computer. We are working on this problem and if you would like to email us, we'll put you on our growing list of WebTV'ers who have expressed the desire to subscribe to L$.
Question: "I can't read the second issue of my Lottery$ecret$ magazine, even though the first issue came up without a problem?"
Answer: You most likely didn't save your first issue, which included the free viewer. We send the viewer with the first issue only and you need to place the subsequent issues in the folder where you saved the viewer on your hard drive. Send us an email and we'll be happy to provide you with a new viewer for your magazine...but do try and save this one. The files "without" the viewer are smaller and save your precious hard drive space. You can delete the monthly magazine issues after you have read them...but why would you want to do that?
Question: "If I buy your products, can I get technical support if I have trouble?"
Answer:  Certainly! We're available via email or fax anytime and by phone during normal business hours Monday to Friday EST. We take great pride in developing products and information that are easy to use and software that works right...the first time!
Question: "Do I  have to buy a separate copy of Lottery$ecret$ for each game I play?"
Answer:  Definitely Not! Each issue of Lottery$ecret$ magazine comes "Customized" for the subscriber's state of residence (or choice) and features "Color-Coded" statistics for ALL games played in that state.
Question: "How Do I Always Get The Cheapest Airline Fares?"
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