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We've Just Discovered Something About Florida's New Fantasy 5/36!
You CAN beat this new game! Last night, Tuesday 07/24 we finally decided to play after doing an analysis of the Final Digit Patterns for the previous 8 draws. Remember, this new game started on 07/16 so that's all the data there was! Using the FDP for those draws pointed us to the Final Digit Groups 05. 07. 01. 02.  This gave us a number field of 15 numbers consisting of We've bold faced last night's winners to make it easier for you to read them in our selected numbers for wheeling!  How do you track the FDP for "your" game? Will this work for your current lottery game? You can learn more about the DFA System and how it works by reading some of our Lottery$ecret$ Back Issues or watching for the new DFA Advanced System Manual to be released very soon!
How Many Lottery Numbers Should You Play?
Our personal research into this common question has shown that to consistently select and wheel number selections that will result in jackpot or second place prizes you should concentrate on using an average of 70% of the games total number field. While this may sound like a large amount of numbers to wheel (and it is!) you can often use our DFA techniques to "reduce" the amount of numbers wheeled. Of course you can also utilize "key" number wheels with as many as four "key" numbers to reduce your overall playing costs.
How To "Best" Play A "New Game" Without Previous Results Data To Help Select Your Numbers
It seems more and more frequently lottery players are faced with game changes and new format games that have no previous results data from which to draw statistical data for number selection. The player is faced with either buying "quick picks" (computer generated numbers) or not playing until there's sufficient past results to feed their lottery software.
For those of you who can't wait to take a shot at a new jackpot, here's a method for new games you may just find worthwhile.
Our own research into lottery results has shown time and again about 87% of ALL games drawn have numbers from the Final Digit groups ending with 1 through 6. So, it would seem to make sense if you are going to play a wheel for a new game, without benefit of previous draw data, that you load your wheel with numbers from these final digit groups. You're sure to find this play of more value than the average quick pick ticket.
Simply load your wheeling software with a selection of numbers (or all the numbers) from each number ending in one through six and generate your tickets. Good Luck! And let us know when you get a win!
Editor's Update To The Above Tip: On October 27th the Florida Lottery Commission changed the Florida 6/49 game to a 6/53 lotto. This meant Florida players were faced with the exact scenario the above tip describes. The question is does the tip work? We'll let you be the judge. Here are the winning numbers from Florida's first 6/53 drawing. Pay particular attention to the "final digits."
Clearly, the above player's tip is information worth using when you have to play without previous winning results data! In the above number set, had you followed our winning tip play, you would have put at least 5 of the 6 winning numbers in your wheeled number combinations. This is the primary difference between Lottery$ecret$ and others...we've researched "what works and what wins!"
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Be Sure You're Doing Your Analysis With "Valid" Data!
What is "valid data?"  Aren't "all" results "valid data?"  The answer is a simple "No, they are NOT!"
Simple things, however often prove very complex to deal with in the real world. Determining you data is valid can also be a problem...unless you know the "secret."
The following is only pertinent to lotteries using "ballsets." If your game's winning numbers are generated by a computer chip there's little you can do except explore our DFA software for use in your 5 ball game. It's been found to be the only very effective tool playing against the computer's random generated numbers.
The first step you need to take to determine your data is valid is to contact your state's lottery commission. The question you need to ask is "When were the current ballsets for the 5 and 6 ball games put into service--on what date?" You'll find a complete list of all "official" state lottery websites right here on our website. Just click on the appropriate link and leave them an email to get the information you need to determine the dates to use for assurring you're playing with valid data.
Once you have the answer to the above question, then you merely do not consider for analysis any data older than the date the current ballsets were put into play!