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Lottery$ecret$ is proud to present its family of readers with an opportunity to participate in our new State Lottery Pools. We're doing this by presenting a totally "New" concept in lottery pools play!

First, let's look at some "other" pools and the way they are structured and run.
Most lottery pools offer you a "set selection" of numbers that are played "week in and week out"--whether or not they are winning.
The pools make their money by charging as much as 150-200% above the normal lottery ticket prices.
In short, these pools make money for the pool owners--whether the pool players are winners or not!
Next, many of these pools have come and "Gone"--with players money and prize winnings! Even those that do payout are often times weeks or months in getting prize winnings to their pool players.
Many of these pools participate in things that are "illegal" in as much as there are both "federal" and "state" laws regarding "the transportation of lottery tickets" across state lines.
Not much point in winning the lottery, if you're going to spend all the money you won for attornies fees and trying to stay out of a state and/or federal prison--or both!

Lottery$ecret$ State Lottery Pools WILL NOT play with "fixed" number selections month in and month out.
The numbers selected for ANY state games we build a pool for will be selected based upon solid analysis of the game at hand, its previous results and then wheeled using our own wheeling system--programmed by a mathematcian and fully guaranteed to be the "World's Smallest Mathematically Correct" wheeling system offering set guarantees.

In short, when you play in the L$ State Lottery Pools, you'll be assured of playing "real number selections" arrived at through "real scientific analysis" of the game and NOT just a series of "random number selections" that play on and on and on regardless of results!

Lottery$ecret$ has spent over a year in planning our State Lottery Pools. They are going to be run with only two things in mind, "Winning a Jackpot" and "the participating players."
Because of some recent advances in technology, we don't need to anylonger mail or FedEx lottery tickets out of the state in which they are purchased.
We have "resident" ticket agents in each state for which we will run pools. All funds, both to "play" in the pool and to "transmit winnings" to players, will be accomplished "electronically!" And, you can even get paid for signing up to move your money in this manner!

Our State Lottery Pools will begin by concentrating on the lower odds bargains in the form of various 5 ball lottery games.
The Lottery$ecret$ State Lottery Pools will offer you the best odds of winning and an "honest" game unlike anyother lottery pool before.
Once these pools are established and proven, we will begin offering players the more attractive (but harder to hit!) options for pools playing against the various 6 Ball lotteries as well as, Powerball and The Big Game jackpots that when hit, will make every pool member an instant millionaire!
The games WILL NOT be played "everyday" but according to our own research analysis showing us the "Best" play day of the week.
This increases our chances of dragging down a jackpot win and reduces the overall playing costs to players at the same time.
The 5 Ball Jackpots available range from as little as $15,000 dollars to as much as half a million at various times.
We won't always play for the biggest jackpot! We will play for the game offering players the best "winning opportunity!"

Now, here's what you need to do to participate in Lottery$ecret$ State Lottery Pools.

1. Follow the link below to our selected electronic payment service and register your email address with them and your credit card.
This allows us to "bill" you for your pools play payments when  "you" tell us you are ready to play.  
Moreover, this allows us to easily transfer your winnings to you when we win!
We maintain an account with Pay Pal and all ticket purchase money and prize money is dumped into this account.
We then transfer payments for ticket purchases to our resident ticket agents in the apropriate state, they mark the playslips, purchase the tickets and collect the winnings and deposit them into our Pay Pal accounts.  
So, simply click the button shown below and go get $5.00 FREE for signing up with Pay Pal when you open your account.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

2. Once you have registered with Pay Pal and we receive notice from them of your registration, we will send you the information on the next available pool(s) in which you may participate.
Pools players all receive an emailed copy of ALL number selections aproximately a week in advance of the actual play date, get a copy via email of ALL ticket combinations being played.
You can instantly check the winning numbers against your copy of ticket combinations and see what has been won and how much!
3. We are sponsoring these State Lottery Pools as a benefit for our Lottery$ecret$ subscribers.
ONLY L$ Subscribers and DFA Software users will be allowed FREE membership in the State Lottery Pools!
Once pool play has begun, you will find an update on each pool for each month in Lottery$ecret$ magazine.
When you have completed the above steps towards your FREE membership in the Lottery$ecret$ State Lottery Pools, you will be sent the complete membership information package and details on the next available pool for you to play.
This FREE membership package will address all the questions that you most likely have at this time. We will be happy to answer any additional questions for State Lottery Pool members...but you must complete the above steps FIRST!
Wishing You All Every Lotto $ucce$$!
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