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Player Reports Good Success In PowerBall Using Info From Our "Free Player's Tips" Page!
Dennis Buffy of Lake Forest is a "seeker of truth" and found information regarding the amount of numbers to play in our "Free Player's Tips" page. Buffy took this information home and using the principles he found here developed a set of 44 numbers to play in the extremely difficult to hit Minnesota PowerBall game.
This week, he sent us an email with the results of using the information he found here against this monster five ball game. We're happy to present them to you below:
Testing against the past 100 draws
 from 08-02-2000 to 07-14-2001 produced:
6 winning numbers in the 44 number group: 42 times: 42%
5 winning numbers in the 44 number group: 45 times: 45%
4 numbers in the 44 number group:  13 times   : 13%

What Buffy has found here and something that many other "serious" lottery players are finding is the "Principles" of our Digital Frequency Analysis System work when nothing else will. In the example above, Buffy used DFA principles to build the 44 number group he's playing. The results plainly show a 100% Win Potential* across three prize tiers over the past 100 games shown. (*Win Potential, ie, having enough winning numbers in your wheel to cover a winning ticket in the prize tier shown)

We're always happy to hear from those of you who have used techniques found in Lottery$ecret$ magazine, our software or even our "Free Tips" to cash winning tickets! It's why we're here! To have your wins published here, please read the instructions for submitting at the sidebar on the left of the screen. Now, below are a "few" of "our" winning tickets and some ideas to get "You" started!

Above are two wins using methods detailed in "Cash IN!"
These three tickets represent three 4 of 5 winners plus some 3 of 5's as well using our DFA Software! it's your turn to send us "your" winners and info!
The following ticket is a 4 of 5 winner submitted by John Reika of CA who used DFA number selections to win more than $400 on this one ticket!

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