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You're only minutes away from information that could make you a millionaire! Each Back Issue cover photo listed below has a list of articles published in that issue adjacent to it. Each issue contains "new" information previously 'unpublished' (at the time of publication) that was fully researched and play tested against lottery games from all over the nation and around the world! There's an average of 16 pages of winning information in each back issue shown here. That's more than enough to help ANY lottery player cash more winning tickets...And, afterall, isn't that what "You're" looking for?  Well, what are you waiting for...check the listings below and order your back issue today!
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Premier Edition!
Chockful of The Best Winning Information Available!
Included in this issue are the following articles: "Transforming 'Data' Into Information You Can Use To Win!" -- "Good Record Keeping Can Equal Great Prizes"
 Order Stock Number LS69901       

Great Issue! Excellent Articles For All Lotto Players!
Included in this issue are the following articles: " The Mega Million Dollar Jackpot Hoax" -- "A Lotto Fable" -- "Categorize Your Data" -- "Predicting Pairs In Pick 3"  
Order Stock Number LS79902        

Outstanding Issue! Good Advice! Software Reviews!
Included in this issue are the following articles:  "Charting Your Game's Tidal Rhythms (A definitive study on Sum Total Analysis)" -- "Tracking Winning Combinations" -- "Lightning Bolt Software Review" -- "Review of VersaBet's Sumit"  
Order Stock Number LS89903  

Solid Playing/Paying Information In This Issue!
Included in this issue are the following articles:  "Digital Frequency Analysis: What It Is And Why You Should Use It" -- "Betting The Trend Part 1" -- "Finding The Winning Doubles" -- "Data Vs. Information"  
Order Stock Number LS99904  

We Dug Up Some Very Scarey Winning Strategies In This First Halloween Issue!
Included in this issue are the following articles:  "Unmasking The Patterns In Your Lottery Game" -- "Betting The Trend, Part 2" -- "Playing The Pick 3 Consecutives"
Order Stock Number LS109905