Ask The Tough Questions!
A New Relationship Saving Book By Susan S. Levine

Abused women. Battered wives. Unwanted pregnancies. Statistics show as many as 71% of all marriages today end in divorce!

Too many women (and men!) think "no fault" divorce will be their safety net if their marriage goes sour. A lack of knowledge and understanding of each other and each other's marital expectations cause these couples to ignore the important warning signs a prospective mate sends out "before" marriage.

Dating may be a "game"---Certainly marriage "is not!"

What do "you" expect of marriage in general and each other in particular?
Have you thought about it?
What discussion have you had on the subject with your partner, if any?
Do "you" have any current problems in your relationship still unresolved?
Will you actually marry without taking care of current and potentially marriage destructive problems?
Have you talked about how you would deal with the "bad" times as well as the "good" ones?

"Before you marry, Ask The Tough Questions," a relationship saving new book by Susan S. Levine, available soon at better bookstores....Available at:

Ask The Tough Questions!

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