America's New War!
The Only Ebook Designed To Help You And Your Loved Ones Survive The Coming Terrorist Attacks!
*The Book Yahoo! Doesn't Want You To Read!
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This Important Book Contains Information On The Following Topics!

How To Survive America's New War!
Acquiring the skills & equipment needed to keep you alive!
Where to get training to help yourself and others!
Learn All You MUST Know About Terrorism!
Locating Terrorist Cells Operating In America!
Chemical, Biological, Nuclear Terrorism
What You MUST Do To Stay Alive!

A Complete Guide To Anthrax!
What is "Anthrax?"
How To Defend Against It!
A Simple Decontaminant That Destroys Anthrax Spores!
Antibiotics To Prevent And Treat Anthrax Infections

Complete Instructions For Protective Masks!
Thousands Bought An "Israeli Gas Mask" Without Instructions Here's A Complete Set of Instructions For Your Mask!
Info On Protective Clothing And Footwear!
Other Protective Mask Info!
Suppliers For Hundreds Of Survival And Self Defense Products!

How To "Shelter" In Place!
How To Prepare A Room (or rooms) In Your Home To Save Your Family From Chemical/Biological Attacks!
Supplies You MUST Have On Hand For Survival!
What You Need To Watch For!
How To Decontaminate Yourself And Your Surroundings!

Intelligence Reports The Government Overlooked!
Proof Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida Have Both "Anthrax & Bubonic Plague" In Their Biological Weapons Arsenal!
Bin Laden's Declaration of War On ALL Americans And Jews Worldwide And How It Was Ignored By The Intelligence Community!
A Dangerous Coalition Of "Terrorist States"
How We Gave The Taliban $180 Million Of Your Tax Dollars!
Does Al Qaida Have As Many As "20" Of The "43" Missing Soviet "Suitcase Nukes" -- Our Research Says "Yes" Read How And Where They Obtained Them!

Read About "The Gaping Hole In America's Airport Security--It's Big Enough To Fly A Blimp Through!
See Why It's Still NOT Safe To Fly!
Find Out What Airports/Airlines Must Do To Protect ALL Flights!
How The Consitution Holds The Answer To Flying Safely!

How You Can Build An "Anti-Crime/Anti-Terrorism Unit" In Your Own Neighborhood!
How To Train For Survival!
How To Form A "Pro-Active" Anti-Crime/Terrorism Unit!
How To Equip Yourself And Your Neighbors To Fight Back!
Arming Yourself "Legally"
How To Buy Your Own Gun If You're A "First Time Owner!"
Where To Get Complete Gun Safety Training!
How To Train For Pistol Combat!
Where To Gain The Same Shooting Skills The Pro's Use!

While The Government Tells You To "Get On With Your Lives" We're Telling You "How" To Do That And Be A "Survivor!"
While The Government Tells You "Don't take Cipro as a preventative--while they take it themselves--We Tell You Where To Obtain Your Own Supply!
Surviving America's New War! Was Written And Published With Only One Thought In Mind...Helping As Many Americans As Possible Stay Alive During Terrorist Attacks That Are As Certain To Occur As Sunrise In The Morning!
The Question Is:
"Will You Be Alive To See It?"
Or Will You Be Just Another Body Bag Statistic?
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"Surviving America's New War" with its plethora of "Hot Links" for each of it's Eight Chapters is the equivalent of several hundred pages of printed material that will provide you with the education, contacts, connections and training you require to survive the coming terrorist attacks! You'll learn how the government has lied to you, how the media has misled you and how YOU are the only person you can depend upon for your own survival as well as that of your family! Matter of fact, you'll read a U.S. Department of State document telling you that very thing direct from "your government!"
Very Simply...You Either Want To Be A Survivor or A Victim...The Decision Rests Squarely On Your Shoulders! You Can Wait For The Government To Come Save You...Or You Can Save Yourself!
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