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Our sincerest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 09-11-01. May God Bless Each Of You And May God Bless Our Country!

We've done the only thing we know to do to help...we've written about this tragedy...and we're prepared. We hope you will be too!

The De Armond Report:

We've decided to use this "home" page to not only introduce you to our website and business, now entering our 8th year online, but to also keep you informed on changes we're making as this new millennium begins. This means this page, as well as "many" other pages on our site will change frequently....so be sure you come back and take advantage of the new information we're offering-----Bookmark us NOW!!

One of the major changes underway here is new "members only" website, www.pokiespedia.com, for those of you with Web/AOL tv units and our current subscribers to our flagship publication, Lottery$ecret$ magazine. These new sites are in the works and we'll be announcing their openings within the month---if not sooner!

Another change you'll note taking place is our desire to help other writer's in developing and publishing their works of merit. There will be considerably more information on this on an almost daily basis. We've already added one new page for one of our own---Susan Levine has just had a new book published and that's cause to add yet another page to our website for you to peruse.  Moreover, in the days to come you'll find Castor-Pollux the place to find a plethora of ebooks on building, marketing and promoting your own internet business. You're sure to enjoy our new catalog of ebooks and we'll be spicing up these pages with a number of "Free" ebooks and other web business tools for you too!

Of course, we will continue to provide lottery players the very best information on their games so,  if you're looking for solid,  fully researched and play tested lottery strategies, systems, software, books, manuals and real lotto information...you're in the right place!
 "Thank You" for stopping by our website. We hope you'll enjoy your visit here and Bookmark us now so you can easily return at your leisure. Use this site as a "building block" for your own information and enjoyment.

Throughout this site you'll find a plethora of publications, information, software and systems designed to make your online experience more meaningful and profitable whether you're just looking for lottery strategies or building your own business empire online!  We've added value packed little features in various places to pique your interest, allow your participation, help you become a winner, make some money and make your stay an interesting and enjoyable one. You'll find your daily horoscope, instant lottery updates, contests and other features of interest...so come explore...there will be new additions almost weekly...in 'many' different areas!

Getting around on our site is easy...just click on any of the links at the top of the page and you'll be effortlessly transported into our world...it's all waiting for you...so what are you waiting on?
"Welcome...come on in!"

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